A patented product.

This system’s technology was developed by EVG of Austria and INSTEEL PANELMEX has been supplying projects worldwide since 1992.     Our  panels are manufactured  under the strictest quality standards, this plant is audited by third party inspection agencies to help maintain recognized certifications like ICC.

Due to its extraordinary flexibility in design, ease of installation, versatility and characteristics, this material is changing the way we build.

INSTEEL was established in 1992 and is part of a large Mexican group that specializes in manufacturing building products, particularly concrete related materials.   INSTEEL also has other manufacturing lines and is always looking to expand, so if you’re looking to produce abroad, we can be your solution.

Who do we sell to ?

Our product can be purchased by anyone!

We have no limit on purchase volumes.  However, we have certified distributors and if your construction will be erected in their area then the materials have to be purchased through them.   They are experienced in all aspects surrounding the use of this process and will be of great benefit to you and your project.

Research our distributor list and contact the one nearest you.

Certifications and testimonials

Panel characteristics have permitted us to obtain many special recognitions and testimonials lihe :

  • Thermal values
  • Seismic resistance
  • Fire resistance
  • Acoustic values
  • Ballistic
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