Advantages of Building with the

3-D/EVG Panel system


Fire Resistance

The quality of the center insulation in our panels is known as Type 1 Modified EPS, in essence self-extinguishing material. Will not contribute to fire.

Additionally, the concrete that is applied on both sides of the panel protects this core from combustion.

We are certified for up to two hours Fire Resistance*, and if more time is required the Engineer can specify a thicker concrete layer (say an adjoining wall for example).

This characteristic should prove as the main advantage in case of rebuilding after a loss of property. No one should have to build again with the same risk as before.


Earthquake Resistance

The TRIDIPANEL system has undergone many tests, both in natural disasters as well as in laboratory tests, thus our ICC certification.

Some of these done over a 24 month period at University of California Irvine’s SETH ( Structure Engineering Testing Hall ), the obtained results have demonstrated that all structures built with the TRIDIPANEL 3-D/EVG panel will withstand extreme strains far greater than those calculated for high intensity earthquakes

This also has been certified and described in our ICC report.


Sustainability and Energy Saving

The temperature level comfort and efficiency of any structure built with the TRIDIPANEL 3-D/EVG, is obtained by the insulating core which can be EPS or a variety of other materials with different R value.

The core could obtain from 0 to 100% recycled content, each project or designer can define what product to use, this also provides LEED points if necessary but in the end, the use of energy to obtain a comfort level within the structure is far lower than other materials. No matter if it’s Hot or Cold, the system helps maintain a more stable temperature differential in spaces.


Structural Capacity

The EVG panel system has been tested in several countries and universities’, including the United States and it has always surpassed expected results, the average axial load capacity can be up to 40,000 pounds per linear foot.

All testing has been done according to applicable ASTM’s and or Country codes.


Speed of use and easy handling of materials

Through the years, it has been proven that the use of the 3-D/EVG panel system can adapt to any condition regarding labor, equipment and any other.

It is a lightweight system that can be handled by none experienced personnel and it can be finished using manual or mechanical tools and accessories. Laborers used to other materials adapt very quickly and eventually prefer to use this system.

The time required to erect a structure is far shorter than other systems, many steps are eliminated or can be performed simultaneously.

Faster construction means faster occupancy.

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Hurricane/Wind Resistant

We have many testimonials of structures that were built with the 3-D/EVG panel system in the Caribbean and in other high wind prone areas and have survived unscathed.


Architectural Freedom

The 3-D/EVG systems allow the user to cut, bend, shape any way they like. This provides the necessary adaptability to use in any architectural design no matter how intricate and maintaining its structural integrity. (Check out our Photo Gallery to witness this)

Other systems tend to come apart or require other expensive accessories to achieve this.

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Sound attenuating

Testing and testimonials have demonstrated that our panel system offers a great resistance to sound**

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The EPS Core and the concrete are not considered food for termites and thus are not attracted to these materials; these pests will not represent losing any structural integrity if for any reason they are present.

ICC ESR 2435
Available upon request


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Fire Certified by CEG



Specially if you built with using the INSTEEL

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Homeowner Sean Jennings carrying a custom designed and built 3D panel canopy.

Ambitious owner/builder, Sean Jennings, built his fire-proof home near Loch Lomond in the Cobb Mt. area several years ago. He was not able to get fire insurance because he was 1) building in the Cobb Mt. area, 2) he was not a licensed contractor, and 3) he was putting in a wood stove or fireplace. No one would insure him.

2015 Valley Fire Cobb Mountain in California 1240 Homes destroyed

1900 total structures destroyed.


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Firefighters were stunned by the contrast, of the burnt to the ground neighbors’ houses and melted automobiles with Sean’s largely untouched home with contents safe.
Sean and his wife will have some repairs to make including pressure washing the exterior, replacing windows and doors, and replacing some wall insulation around the windows in the garage.
“This is the way we should be buildings”, says architect, builder, and TRIDIPANEL distributor, Dennis C. Hinrichs. “The material and building system was invented over 40 years ago in Austria and has been used all around the world”.

Congratulations to Sean and Valerie Jennings for believing in the system and making the wise decision to build their home to last and withstand fires and earthquakes.

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This building material has been approved by FEMA, HUD and Homeland Security for use in all earthquake zones Internationally.

TRIDIPANEL is also approved by ICBO, BOCA, CABO, SBCCI and has a current ICC-ES evaluation report.
The system has been tested and rated for various Fire ratings from 1-1/2 hour to 4 hour Fire rating.

For information or to order product contact Dennis C. Hinrichs, at NorCalTriDiPanel or Blue Heron Design and Construction.
PO Box 83, Lakeport, CA 95453

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